Set up encrypted communication in Mail App for Android

Achieve maximum security with end-to-end encryption in accordance with PGP, regardless of whether the recipient supports SSL or not.

  1. Tap the menu symbol in the menu bar.
    The menu navigation is shown.
  2. Tap the gearwheel symbol.
  3. Tap your e-mail adress.
    The screen Account settings opens.
  4. Under Encryption, tap Activate encryption.


    To activate encrypted communication, you require the QR code or recovery code, which you received during set-up in the web.

    • If you have the QR code, clickQR-Code scannen and scan the QR code.
    • Alternatively you can click on Recovery code and then enter the recovery code manually.
  5. Tap Activate encryption.
End-to-end encryption was set up.