My MailCheck is not working normally. What can I do?

If performance problems arise when using MailCheck or if it is not working normally, make sure that the MailCheck version is up-to-date.

MailCheck is not working normally.

Outdated version

Updates have not been performed automatically because, for example, the Automatic Update feature has been disabled.

Enable the Automatic Update feature

  1. Click the wrench icon on your browser's toolbar.
    This will open the Settings window.
  2. Enable the Automatic Update feature.


    In Google's Chrome browser, updates will always be installed automatically.

    • Enabling Automatic Updates in Internet Explorer
      1. Select the Update tab.
      2. Select the Automatically install updates when available (recommended) option.
    • Enabling Automated Updates in Firefox
      1. Select the General tab.
      2. Click Check for updates. You will get a status message about you current version.