Why am I seeing the error message "invalid email address" when I try to log in?

You will receive the “invalid email address” error message if our system does not recognize the address you enter into the “Email” field.

What could be causing the login error for my email account?
A failed login can have several causes:
A typo in the email address or email password
The first thing to do in this case is to carefully check that you have entered your login details (email and password) correctly.

One way to check your email password is to type it somewhere where it is displayed in clear text (to make sure all the characters are correct) then copy and paste it in the “Password” field of the login window.

You can find more details regarding possible input errors under I cannot log in and I don't know why.

Account inactivity
As outlined in our terms and conditions, if you don’t log in to your email account for more than six months, the account will be automatically deactivated and an irreversible deletion process begins. If your account has been inactive for longer than six months, this is probably the reason you cannot log in now.

Please keep in mind that once a dormant account is deactivated there is no data (such as email history, email content, contacts, etc.) to be recovered.

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