Registration registration is a six-step process that can be completed in a few minutes.

Select email address

Enter your desired email address and check its availability. During this step, the data you have entered so far will be transferred to and address suggestions will also be generated.

Personal details

Enter your personal details. It is also possible to create an email address for a company or a club.


Use a different secure password for each online service. A secure password consists of:
  • At least 8 characters; preferably 12 or more
  • Numbers and letters
  • Upper- and lowercase letters
  • Special characters & umlauts

Password recovery

Should you ever forget your password, the password recovery process allows you to reset your password via email or text message. Your contact information will only be used for password recovery or to contact you for reasons of account security.

Select at least one recovery option. If you choose password recovery via text message, you will need to enter your mobile phone number. Password recovery by email requires you to provide an alternative contact email address.

Security verification

In order to verify that you are not a program that automatically fills out forms on the internet, please complete the reCAPTCHA process. Click “I am not a robot” and you will be shown a panel of images and asked to select all images containing a certain item. Complete the task and click Verify.

Terms & Conditions

To create an email address, you must agree to the Terms & Conditions. If you have any questions about the protection of your personal data, you can find more information in the Privacy Policy.

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