Cloud Virus Protection

Your security is important to us. With virus protection for your Cloud, we protect you from dangerous viruses. Our virus protection automatically checks files uploaded to the Cloud for viruses. If potentially infected files are detected, we will alert you.

The virus protection of your Cloud is switched on for you by default. In our Cloud shares, potentially infected files are highlighted for worry-free sharing of your important files.

Virus types

  • Viruses: Self-propagating computer programs that cause damage to the operating system or other software.
  • Trojan: A program that is disguised as a useful application but causes damage in the background without the user's knowledge.
  • Dropper: Computer programs that are used to release a computer virus.
  • Riskware: Computer programs that are not designed to cause harm but have security-critical functions.
  • Adware: Software that displays advertisements in addition to its actual function or installs additional software that displays advertisements. It is often embedded in free software ("freeware").

Dealing with viruses

In the case of a potentially positive finding, we recommend that you check your device with the help of a virus scanner. Then follow the instructions of your virus scanner and delete the file in your Cloud. If you have received a share that contains a potentially infected file and you know the sender personally, you should contact him and inform him that his device is probably infected by a virus.

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