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The support chat is available around the clock to answer your questions and help you solve problems.

The support chat is located on the bottom right of this page and the "Contact us" page of help center. Click on the speech bubble icon to open the chat window. Once you have accepted the privacy policy, you can start the chat by entering your message.
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What should I use the support chat for and what is the best way to communicate in the chat?

You can use the support chat to communicate any concerns relating to your email account and other services, e.g., if you have a problem or would like to find out more about one of our products. If necessary, the support chat will redirect you to additional help resources and contact options.

Please enter short, simple sentences or keywords. Limit yourself to one topic per message. If applicable, click on the answer prompts to respond to the chatbot's questions.

Am I chatting with a human or a machine?

The responses to your questions and concerns are provided by a machine based on text analysis and machine learning. This means that when you use the support chat, you are not communicating with a real person, but with "chatbot" that learns continuously.


The answers that the chatbot gives you were originally written by a human. In the support chat, the bot passes these answers on to you automatically based on your questions and responses.

What about data privacy?

When you use the support chat, your data is protected at all times. However, please refrain from entering any of your personal data (e.g., email address or passwords) into the chat window. For more information, please refer to the privacy policy.

Additional settings and options in the support chat

You can access the following options from the blue menu bar at the top of the chat window:

  • Set notification sound: You will be informed of incoming messages in the support chat with a notification tone. You can switch the sound off by clicking the loudspeaker icon.
  • Delete chat history: If you would like your chat history to be deleted after one day, click the recycle bin icon.

    Help Chat Settings

  • Give feedback: You have the option of rating the support chat. After using the support chat, click on Rate me!, to send us your feedback.

    Help Chat Settings

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