Spam Filters

The spam filters from are provided with specific parameters that are regularly updated. They mark unsolicited e-mail automatically as spam.

The spam filters keep your mailbox free of annoying spam. The Spam Protection Team manages and updates these filters continuously. That guarantees excellent detection of unsolicited email.

Among other functions, the spam filters perform the following tasks:

  • They distinguish reputable e-mail from unsolicited bulk e-mail based on checksum methods.
  • They analyze e-mail for technical properties and errors that are typical of spam.
  • They check e-mail for fake sender addresses, i.e. was the e-mail actually sent from the server responsible for the domain?
  • They compare e-mail with internal and external lists, e.g. IP addresses of servers known for sending spam or URLs that occur in known spam e-mail.

The spam filters are distinct from your personal spam filter, which you train in your mailbox by clicking Spam or Not Spam.