Connecting MailCheck to Start for Edge

By connecting MailCheck to Start for Edge, you can display the amount of new emails in your mailbox and quickly access them.


In order to use MailCheck in Start for Edge, you need to add the MailCheck extension for Edge in advance. Access it by searching for " MailCheck" in the Edge Web Store or by visiting our Download-Page.

Connecting MailCheck to Start for Edge
  1. Click on the the MailCheck icon.

    A login-window will open.
  2. Log in to your Account. MailCheck is now connected to Start for Edge. By clicking on the MailCheck icon, you can directly navigate to your mailbox.
Disconnecting MailCheck from Start for Edge
  1. In Edge, right-click on the MailCheck icon next to the searchbar at the top.
  2. Click on Remove from Microsoft Edge.
    A dialog window will open.
  3. Confirm by clicking Remove.

MailCheck is no longer connected to Start for Edge.

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