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You can get through the mail.com home page to your mailbox and other products from mail.com. Check your storage space or manage new email.

  • The menu bar on the upper edge of the screen offers you access to your email, Contacts, Organizer and Cloud. (1)
    • The Search button in the top right corner of the navigation bar offers you cross-service searches in your mail.com Account. Find more informationen at Cross-service search.
    • The Logout button is on the upper right.
  • The navigation menu on the left side offers more functions. To minimize the menu, you can collapse individual parts of it. (2)
  • To adjust your mail.com account, click Avatar, Design or Language. (3)
  • To edit your personal information, click My Account. For example, you can change your password or security question. (4)
  • To change your email settings, click Email Settings. (5)

Overview of your mailbox

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