Tracking of usage data in MailCheck

With MailCheck we want to meet high quality demands of our users. We achieve this by collecting and analysing pseudonymised usage data and evaluating technical error messages.

In the MailCheck Settings /MailCheck Options 'Privacy' tab you can deactivate or reactivate the transmission of technical usage data by selecting or deselecting the checkbox 'Send usage data'.

The following technical usage data is collected anonymously for statistical purposes and to measure the usage and helps us to improve the quality of this extension for you:

  • successful installation
  • date of installation (day/month/year)
  • successful uninstallation
  • Online signal within within 24h (active user daily)
  • Online signal within within 7 days (active user weekly)
  • Online signal within within 30 days (active user monthly)
  • date of last successful connection
  • type of addon (i.e. Firefox add-on, Store or Portal website)
  • browser and browser version (version number)
  • brand name, in this case
  • version number of addon
  • campaign ID (advertizing ID)
  • country- and language settings of the browser
  • random number from 1-100 (for testing variants)

Further details about the handling of this data can be found in our general privacy information

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