Lost login credentials for two-factor authentication

Even if you have lost the login credentials needed for two-factor authentication, it is still possible to restore your access to your mail.com account. This page provides different solutions for some common issues.

Lost mail.com Account password

If you forget the password for your mail.com email Account, you can use our password recovery process to reset it. Go to Recover Your Password and follow the instructions there. For more information, please visit Resetting Your Password. After carrying out the password recovery process, you will need to enter the secret key that was created during setup of two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication will then be deactivated so you can save a new password. Following this step, you can reactivate your two-factor authentication.

Lost access to computer, smartphone or authentication app

If you can no longer access your devices needed for two-factor authentication or cannot use the authentication app for other reasons, you will need to deactivate two-factor authentication using the secret key generated during setup. Please initiate the password recovery process for your mail.com Account as described above. As part of this process, you will be asked to enter the secret key generated during the initial setup of two-factor authentication. This will deactivate two-factor authentication.

Lost secret key generated during setup of two-factor authentication

If you lost the printed document containing the secret key, first check if the document is saved in the download folder of your computer. The document might also be saved in a different location on your computer. To check for other locations the document might be saved in, use the Windows File-Explorer/Mac Finder search function. Please keep in mind that two-factor authentication is to keep your account safe. If we can't identify you as the owner of the account, we may not be able to help you.

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