Reducing the Amount of Advertising

You can usually find hidden buttons inside your received newsletters to unsubscribe them. So you can keep your mailbox free from advertising.

If you receive too many advertising emails or newsletters, there are some simple solutions.

How to reduce the amount of advertising in your mailbox

  • Unsubscribe from newsletters you no longer wish to receive. At the bottom of these emails, you will commonly find a link called "unsubscribe". Only use this option for emails from legitimate businesses, which you can identify by their email seals, etc.
  • If the email is clearly spam, you can mark it as Spam.
  • If you want to continue receiving a newsletter but not read it right away, you can use filter rules to automatically move the incoming newsletter to a certain folder.
  • Always carefully read the privacy policies of contests, online registrations, etc. and opt out of the use of your data for advertising if necessary.

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