Data portability

We want you to be able to control every aspect of the data stored in your account. We provide standardized methods to export or download it.

  • Personal data: You can export your personal data, e.g. address or phone number. To do so, click MoreMy AccountPersonal DataExport. This will download a .csv file which can be opened with any text editor and most spreadsheet tools such as Excel.
  • E-Mails: You can use POP3 to download and store your emails locally. To do so, you need to activate POP3/IMAP first.
    • See POP3 for more information on how to use it.
  • Contacts: Export your contacts from your Contacts if you wish to use them with other tools.
  • Organizer: Export one or more of your calendars if you wish to use them with other organizing tools.