Sharing a calendar with other services

You can use other calendar applications to synchronize a calendar with a shared link.

Sharing your Organizer with other GMX or accounts

  1. In your Organizer settings' Share section click the calendar you wish to share.
  2. Choose whether you wish to share your calendar with or without details.
    • With details: All event details, like subject, description or participants, will be shared.
    • Without event details: Only event times will be shared, e.g. others can see whether you are available or nor, but not where or why.
  3. Click Send to Contacts to compose a preset email including the sharing link and a short explanation.
  4. Proceed as you would with an usual email. All recipients will get access to your calendar.

Sharing an Apple iCloud calendar

See this Apple support page for detailed instructions on how to share an icloud calendar.

Sharing a Yahoo! calendar

See Yahoo! Customer care for detailed instructions on how to enable a public calendar link.