I was blocked even though I made ordinary searches. What can I do?

mail.com Search no longer works for you due to a block, although you have not searched for content harmful to minors.

Due to attacks from elsewhere, it may happen that the measure of temporarily blocking mail.com Search is resorted to. This is not a measure against you, but serves the general protection of our services in order to be able to offer you the greatest possible security when using them. We are very sorry if you have been blocked. However, if you are still blocked, you can unblock it yourself.

Cause: Blocking of the mail.com Search due to an attack from elsewhere

The blocking is not directed against individual customers and can be lifted itself.

Possible action: enter characters on the displayed image (captcha)

  • Enter the characters on the displayed image (captcha). If you run into problems, refer to the following options:
    • If you can't recognize the characters, refresh the captcha by clicking on the arrow with a blue background to the right of the image. A new captcha will be displayed.
    • Retrieve the captcha as an audio version by clicking on the speaker icon.

Possible action: Set language "English"

  1. On the mail.com Search Home page, scroll down to the footer and click Settings.


    Initiate a search query and click Settings in the bar below the search term.

  2. From the menu under Language, select the language in which you want the page and most of the results to be displayed.
  3. Save your settings by clicking Save.

Possible action: accept cookies for our site

  • Accept the cookies for our site by making the respective setting in your browser.

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