What's a Browser and how do I find out which one I'm using?

A browser is usually free software which allows you to search for specific websites and view them on your computer. A browser also can display content like texts, photos, videos or links inside a website.

The basic configuration of a browser consists of:
  • An adressaddress bar for entering URLs or search requests.
  • Buttons for navigating forwards and backwards, reloading and cancelling a loading process.
  • A button for returning to the start screen.
  • Functions for adding bookmarks.

Additional functions vary from browser to browser or can be added later.

Additionally, browsers like Firefox and Safari allow you to organize your bookmarks, save your passwords and browse in private mode.

If you are missing functions like the ability to take screenshots of certain content inside the browser, you can make use of web extensions and plug-ins to add more features to your browser.

How can I find out which browser I am using?

The fastest way to find out which browser you are using is by comparing the icon:

  • Microsoft Edge – blue, dynamic e
  • Safari – compass
  • Mozilla Firefox – fox wrapped around a globe
  • Google Chrome - colorful circle
  • Opera - red O

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