Administrate external content

External content is not directly attached to the email but is downloaded from an external source. It is often found in commercial emails.

External content are elements (e.g., images) in an email that are not sent as an email attachment but are stored on an external server. In the email, there is a link that instructs your browser to display this external content. Some senders use this method to track if you have opened the particular email along with its external content.


You can choose whether external content should always be downloaded and displayed automatically when you receive a new email. This setting only applies to the Mail App, not to external content in emails that you access by logging in to your account via the web browser.


To ensure that your data volume isn´t used up too quickly, we recommend synchronizing only when connected to Wi-Fi.

  1. Tap the menu symbol in the menu bar.
    The menu navigation is shown.
  2. Below your email folders, tap Settings.

    Tap Settings

  3. Tap your email address.
  4. Under External content, click on Disable external content in emails to activate or deactivate automatic downloading and displaying of images in emails.
If you deactivate external content, some emails may not be displayed as intended by the sender because the images are missing. In this case, you have the option of activating external content for individual emails. To do this, tap on Show external content below the sender's name in the open email.

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