Why are my emails bouncing or being rejected?

There are several different reasons why your sent emails might not be delivered and are bouncing back to you. If your email is not delivered, you will usually receive a message containing an error code that gives the reason for the problem.

What should I do if my email can’t be delivered?

First, review the type of error. The bounce message often contains an error code in the 400 or 500 range:
  1. 4xx: Temporary issue

    Some blocks last several hours and then resolve themselves, at which point you can resend the email. We recommend waiting 24 hours to retry sending your email to that domain.

  2. 5xx: Permanent issue
    There are several types of permanent issues:
    • Your emails are being marked as spam by our servers. Please review the following:
      • Include a subject
      • Include a longer, self-written paragraph in the body of the email
      • Review any links you might have added that could be detected as "suspicious"
    • The recipient might have marked your emails as spam. Please communicate this issue to them. To avoid this happening in the future, the recipient should mark your emails as “not spam” or add your email address in their whitelist.
    • Review the recipient's email address to make sure you have typed it correctly and that it is valid and active.

After reviewing all these points, you can also retry sending this email after 24 hours. If it still bounces back, please contact us and make sure to include the most recent bounce message.

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